What Others are Saying

Words cannot express how much this impacted me. My life has been changed. EVERY MAN needs to hear this message. I will be back!    Justin Mills, Ottawa

Incredible... amazing... a life changer.   If you want to improve yourself, your marriage, and your relationship with your children, attend!    Eric Wagner, Lawrence

Prior to going to the Encounter, I knew that God loved me and I knew what he had done for me; but after the Encounter, I realized what true Freedom in Christ really is.   Jason Jones, Alta Vista

When I attended my first Men's Encounter, I made the decision to come with an open mind. It solidified so much for me, and I can honestly say it was one of the most important weekends of my life.   Josh McCleary, Lawrence


What an awesome time experiencing the power and presence of God!  This is a must for any man.  You will be richly blessed. It will change your life.  Thanks be to God!      Greg Howard, Lecompton Kansas


God worked in amazing ways in my life through the encounter! I was reminded that there is a very good life to live through Jesus! I was also reminded that I have some very important responsibilities to my family and within my community. The encounter changed my life!    Chad Adkins, Marion

The encounter was the most amazing thing I have done in my Christian walk. It gave me a new fire for Christ that I have never experienced. I came home with a new brotherhood, and it has been amazing.   Jess Whiteman, Marion

I honestly have no idea where to start . My first encounter, as an attendee, God changed my heart with his love for me. The second, as a server, God showed me His love for all the men there and the power to change their lives.  I can't wait to let the Lord use me as he needs at the future encounters.    Larry Phelps, Lawrence

When I was first asked to go, I said, "I can't get away from work." The second time I was asked, I said "that I would try." I decided it would be a good break. Boy was I in for a surprise. I have been to retreats like this one before, but none of them compare. God worked wonders in my life. He showed me how badly my priorities were out of order. He reminded me that when we make Him a priority, that everything else is taken care of. He also reminded me that when we align our will with His, our God never fails to deliver. He ALWAYS takes care of His children.  Josh See, Gardner

I was totally unprepared for what God did in my heart at the Encounter, but am so glad I attended. The peace and joy I now have in Christ is unbelievable, and I would encourage anyone on the fence about going to not think twice about it- ATTEND! I promise, you won't be sorry you did.   Trent Johnson, Lawrence

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